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How to Find the Right Life Coach

In today’s world it seems like everybody is in a world of coaching. This makes it difficult to discern which life coach offers high quality services and which ones are just trying to make a buck. It’s good to note that life coaches come with all different personalities, technique as well as values therefore it’s incredibly important to look for one that is a perfect match for you. In this case there is a lot to consider when looking for a life coach who will be in a position to help you grow to your fullest potential. It’s advisable to therefore to consider the below things when it comes to making the best life coach selection.

Locate a qualified life coach. There are several options that you can use to help you locate a qualified one. One is using a matching service whereby it will assist you in finding someone whose methods and personality align with your goals. You can also do a quick internet search to look for local options as you will get a bunch of results with just simple Google. Referrals from friends and family also help in finding a qualified life coach who will match with your needs. In this case ask them about their experience with their life coach but note that since life coaching is something unique what might have worked for them may not necessarily be right fit for you.

There is need to also look for a life coach who will help with your specific goals. You provide the goals you would like to work towards and the life coach gives you actionable steps to achieve them. Whether you are looking for guidance in your professional work or want to focus more on your personal life you need to find a life coach whose area of expertise aligns with your goals. It’s good to note that just like any other profession life coaches have their own individual areas of expertise. Depending on how specific your goals are you might benefit from searching for life coaches that fall into a specific niche and gives you more expert advice as well as assistance in developing those areas.

Read reviews and testimonials. Reading through the reviews and testimonials from a life coach’s past clients is such a great way to get an idea of that life coach’s particular methods, personality as well as overall work quality. In addition you should ask the life coach if speaking to one or more of their past clients is an option given that it will help you get the details straight from the source.

Cost. Most life coaches charge by the hour and the rates will vary depending on the life coach’s level of expertise and their reputation. You can typically expect business coaching to be more expensive than other types. It’s advisable to avoid settling for the first life coach you come across since they may be charging very high costs or even low than others. In this case be sure to first research and find out what several other life coaches are charging for the same service as you get o choose one with transparent and affordable costs within your budget.

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